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Baltfood – One goal, three target groups

To enhance the competitiveness of the food industry in this dynamic, fiercely contested and increasingly saturated market, thirteen partners from six EU countries have founded the baltfood project. The principal goal is to provide support for small and midsize businesses, enabling them to recognize trends more quickly, transform research findings more readily into marketable products and penetrate international markets with greater success.

The baltfood project draws on in-depth knowledge and experience in the food industry from throughout the Baltic Sea region. The thirteen current partners include universities, public institutions and food-industry networks. By working together, they have opened up a broad basis of know-how, spanning Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, northern Germany, Poland and Sweden. The emphasis of this cross-border cooperation is on innovations in processes and products. Over the long term, the goal is to create a solid foundation for the food industry in the Baltic region, establishing it as a source of affordable, high-quality products for a broad range of customers.

There are three target groups for baltfood’s activities: companies in the food industry, university institutions concerned with the food industry, and local or regional institutions that are devoted to supporting the food industry. For each of these target groups, baltfood has put together a special work package: baltfood business, baltfood science and baltfood regional. But these three packages are not separate; they are interlinked through joint activities in a “triple helix” approach.

Lübeck Business Development Corporation
Falkenstraße 11
23564 Lübeck / Germany
E-Mail : info@baltfood.org
Managing Director: Dirk Gerdes
Chairman of the board: Günter Scholz


  • Agropolis Ltd.
  • City of Hamburg
  • LUEBECK Business Development Corporation
  • Lithuanian Cluster of Food Sector
  • Lubelskie Voivodship
  • Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
  • Roskilde University – Oresund Food Network
  • Ruoka-Suomi
  • Skane Food Innovation Network
  • University of Lund
  • University of Rostock
  • University of Turku
  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn